Feature Normalization

Normalizing features mean putting each of features in roughly the same range.

Why Normalize Features?

We can speed up gradient descent by normalizing features. This is because $\theta$ will descend quickly on small ranges and slowly on large ranges. Theta will oscillate inefficiently down to the optimum when the variables are very uneven.

feature normalization


Feature Normalization is composed of two steps.

1. Feature Scaling

Feature scaling means dividing the input values by the range (i.e. the maximum value minus the minimum value) of the input variables.

Commonly, we use ‘standard deviation’ as a ‘range’ parameter.

where $\overline {x_j}$ is the average of vector $x_j$.

2. Mean Normalization

Mean normalization involves subtracting the average value for an input variable from the values for that input variable, resulting in a new average value for the input variable of just zero.

Resulting Formula

We combine these two steps and get following formula.

of just zero. To implement both of these techniques, adjust your input values as shown in this formula:

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